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I had a successful rhinoplasty surgery with Op. Dr. Turgay Ercan Tunç in March 2022. We are in our third month now, and I am very pleased with the results. Dr. Turgay is extremely attentive, prioritizes his patients, and possesses human qualities that make him a highly respected physician. He and his friendly team are individuals we can entrust without hesitation. I am infinitely grateful for everything.


Op. Dr. Turgay Ercan Tunç performed a successful rhinoplasty surgery for me in March 2022. We are in our third month now, and I am very satisfied. Dr. Turgay is extremely attentive, prioritizes his patients, and possesses human qualities that make him a highly respected physician. His caring and friendly team, alongside Dr. Turgay, are individuals I can entrust without a moment's hesitation. I am truly grateful for everything.


I went to Dr. Ercan because of the difficulties I had in breathing. After a thorough examination, he explained in detail what my problem was, and we decided to proceed with surgery. I entered the surgery with no question marks in my mind and felt very comfortable. His attentiveness, care, and detailed answers to all of my questions were essential for me, both during the surgical process and afterward. He not only resolved my breathing issues but also crafted my nose exactly as I desired. I am grateful to him for his friendliness and the excellent job he did. He is a doctor who is aware that the primary concern of patients is a sense of trust and being adequately informed.


I was in search of a good doctor for a rhinoplasty, and based on the recommendation of someone close to me, I had a consultation with Dr. Ercan. During the consultation, he managed to alleviate my fears resulting from two previous cosmetic surgeries. It's been one month since the operation, and I am very satisfied with him. He is a skilled surgeon.


I am a Bulgarian engineer. I had septum deviation. I operated by Ercan Tunç just a years ago.  In Turkey, I received sophisticated medical care. Now, ı can breathe clearly and easily. Also, he performed me rhinoplasty in the same session.  I have a more beatiful nose, now.  Many thanks to Ercan Tunç, MD and his team.

Septorhinoplasty & Rhinoplasty

The doctor performed me rhinoplasty couple months ago. I am glad that we have chosen Turkey and Ercan Tunç. I received one of the most advanced medical care in the world. Today, ı feel very weel. I appreciate the efforts of Mr. Tunç.


Dr. Ercan is a wonderful doctor, both in terms of his expertise in his field and his kindness and smiles. He took great care of my son throughout the adenoidectomy procedure, along with his team. We had visited many doctors and were not satisfied, but Dr. Ercan provided us with detailed information and informed us very well. He is our family's ENT specialist.

Adenoid Surgery

I consulted Dr. Ercan due to complaints of dizziness and balance disorders. After the examination and tests, he diagnosed me with Vertigo. Instead of fighting the disease, he taught me how to live with it. With his experience, treatment, and valuable insights, he has always been my choice in the field of Otorhinolaryngology. He is an excellent doctor whom I recommend to those around me.


I came across Dr. Tunç through extensive research, and I'm so glad I did. I was very pleased with the attention and care he provided during both the surgical planning and the actual operation. I wish every doctor could be as friendly as you and share all the details with their patients. Thanks to Dr. Tunç, I can now breathe more comfortably, and I've achieved the nose I wanted. May your hands stay blessed, Doctor. Doctors like you are always needed.


I had a rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Ercan Bey after conducting my research. The process, treatment, and everything went very well. I want to thank my doctor for his dedication, patience, and efforts. I am very satisfied with the results.


I had rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Ercan a month ago. During the pre-operative aesthetic consultation, I asked all the questions on my mind, and I received clear and explanatory answers to all of them. In the post-operative check-ups, he was equally clear and attentive, explaining what the recovery process would be like, what I should do, and what I should be cautious about. With his guidance, the healing process went smoothly and quite quickly. Everything is fine now, and I want to thank him for his care and friendly demeanor.


I'm very happy that I chose Dr. Tunç for my rhinoplasty. I had broken my nose when I was nine years old, and ever since, I had difficulty breathing through my nose. There were visible changes in the appearance of my nose, and there were humps on the bridge. After doing some research, a former patient recommended Dr. Tunç to me. Upon looking at my nose, he asked how I wanted my new nose to look, and he photoshopped an image until I was genuinely happy with the result. Dr. Tunç immediately understood my desires. I wanted a natural-looking nose, and Dr. Tunç did an incredible job! I can't stop looking at myself in the mirror. It's as if this nose has been on my face my whole life. More importantly, I can now breathe properly through my nose!

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